Hebron GBS Project

The Hebron oil field is located offshore Newfoundland and Labrador in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin 350 kilometres southeast of St. John's.

The field was first discovered in 1980, and is estimated to contain 660-1055 million barrels of recoverable crude oil.

The Hebron field will be developed using a stand-alone concrete gravity based structure (GBS). The GBS will consist of a reinforced concrete structure designed to withstand sea ice, icebergs and meteorological and oceanographic conditions.  It will be designed to store approximately 1.2 million barrels of crude oil.  The Bull Arm Site is the primary construction site for the GBS.

The Hebron GBS under construction at Bull Arm, September 2013.

The GBS will support an integrated Topsides deck that includes living quarters and facilities to perform drilling and production.

Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC), a 50/50 partnership between Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co and Kvaerner Newfoundland Ltd has been awarded a contract by ExxonMobil Canada Properties (EMPC) for the Hebron Project gravity based structure (GBS).  The contract is for the design, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) of the Hebron GBS.  Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) commenced in 2010, site work in 2011, and GBS construction in 2012.  The project plan calls for integration, hook-up and commissioning in 2016, with first oil targeted in 2017.

Here is a short video describing the Hebron GBS Project:


Hebron GBS


GBS Key Quantities

Water depth (mean sea level)

 93 m

Height of GBS

 120 m

Diameter of GBS base

 130 m

Shaft diameter

 35 m

Concrete volume

 130,000 m3

Rebar (density approx. 325 kg/m3)

 40,000 t

Post tensioning steel

 3,400 t

Steel skirts

 400 t

Mechanical outfitting


(Piping systems and structural steel)

 5,500 t

Well slots



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